ESC Volunteering project “ Wings to Fly” march 2020- march 2021

Hi i’m Silvia Laya Bolívar. I’m 25 years old and I am from Madrid, Spain. 
I am a photographer and digital editor. Before my arrival in Sardinia, I was working in a digital publishing studio in the center of Madrid.
I decided to start my adventure, by participating in this long term volunteering project “ Wings to Fly”, because I felt the need to make some changes in my life. Even if I lived in Madrid my entire life, which is really beautiful, monotonous and chaotic at the same time, I’m also a big lover of nature and tranquility of small towns. I think, coming to a small village in the heart of Sardinia has been the best decision I could do for myself in this period of my life. I already did an Erasmus project in Italy few years ago. I felt in love with this country, that’s why I always wanted to come back. So, here  I am, due to the volunteering project European Solidarity Corps.
My first week in Gavoi was spectacular and wonderful. I think I will spend a beautiful year here.
During my stay, as a volunteer, I hope to do my best, learn a lot of things from others and share the knowledge I have. Also, I hope to learn Italian language, improve my level of English and of course meet a lot of interesting people and discover new places and cultures. 


Natalia Screlea – I’m the girl with big eyes and curly hair from Spain :). That’s how some kids see me. Well, the truth is that I’m not from Spain ;). I was born in Republic of Moldova. I’m 28 years old. From september 2018 I’m an EVS volunteer.

Trought this project in Sardinia i want to discover more about the value of volunteering,  involvement and cultural diversity.

I catch the last chance to join this program and I’m really happy with my choice. Before this project, my life was following a usual daily routine.  I was studying, working and traveling a lot. I took my Bachelor’s in Communications and Master’s in Political Science and i have been in more than 25 countries.

I meet a lot great people that inspired me and helped me to develop, grow and understand what I want to achieve in life. I’ve learned to be happy with what I have, work for more and love the life in the way it is, because we only live once.

iulitaMy name is Iulita Popa. I’m 26 years old and I am from Republic of Moldova. I have graduated already the university – license and master’s degree both in law. Before I came in Sardinia, I worked in jurisprudence field for almost 2 years and as Pilates instructor (additional activity-hobby) for almost 6 months. About me I can say also, that I’m an active person, that has different hobbies starting with dancing, pilates courses, swimming, riding the bicycle, outdoors walks, traveling and ending with photography making, video editing, reading or just spending time on self-reflection.

In Moldova, I was living in my comfort zone with different activities, home, family, friends and a full timetable. Beside of this, three months ago, I felt inside of me a great motivation, so, I decided that it is time to make some changes for my actual life and for my future. I applied for the first volunteering project that made me interested, while thinking “if I will be chosen I will leave”. Lots of happiness, but in the same time fears appeared, when I heard that I was selected. In this case, I can say that nothing happens without reasons and we have to be there, where we need to be. I speed here already a month and I can strongly say that, the decision for coming here was the best one I could take in my life for this moment.

So, from this experience I expect a lot, but beside knowledge, new language, friends for life, unforgettable adventures, new ideas for further activities in the future life, I hope I will find myself through balance of mind and soul and develop myself as an interesting and multilateral personality.

unnamed Nadine Scherbaum -Hey there, I am the Red Riding Hood from the beautiful south of Germany! I grew up in a little village named Ebenweiler, near Ravenburg, a town famous for its board games. I am more than certain, that nearly everyone played a game from the company Ravensburger once in his or her life! In addition I would like to say, that I live near the lake of Constance and I also call it my second home. This lake is the biggest lake of Germany and it is connected to three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

About myself: I am 19 years old – which makes me the youngest of us volunteers. Ever since I can remember, I am interested in different cultures and languages, which is why I decided to go abroad, and I am so happy that I finally made it! Sure you can travel around, feel good, see different countries, lay on the beaches and get a tan, but no. That’s not what I want! I want to see, feel and understand a country and it’s culture – which is why I applied for a project in the heart of Sardinia – far away from the beaches and tourist attractions. Yes, we live in the mountains where you can’t just go out to the cinema or to shopping malls and also we have tons of snow during the winter, but we are not here for vacations, right? This village is so rural, that you HAVE TO become friends with the inhabitants if you want to survive 😉 This was really a challenge, because nobody can speak English – but we made it! THIS is the experience I want to gain from a year abroad. This is volunteering.

Before starting this EVS I attended a vocational grammar school and made my A-level (Abitur mit Fachrichtung Biotechnologie). I am ready and motivated to start a new life in this mountainous area and I am so excited to be far away from my friends, family and of course the German standards, which I am used to. To change my life and habits is one of my goals and I wish to leave traces in this huge world.

I hope to gain a lot of experience here and to become happier. Further, I hope to find myself, to know who I am and who I can become.


Hello, my name is Lucia Lourenço Peña and I am 24 years old and I came from Spain. I graduated in finance last year at the University. The city of Spain from which I come is called Leon, it is small and cozy, surrounded by mountains and is very full of life.

On the one hand, I would like to explain why I am captivated by the idea of ​​realize these volunteering. The main reason lies in my raison d’etre. Since I was born I have lived with multiculturalism at home, this is because my father is Portuguese and my mother is Spanish and, in addition, my whole father’s family has emigrated all around the world. These facts are something that I will always be grateful for, since it has allowed me to develop a wider vision of life. After all, since I have memory I have always felt the need to want to travel, to learn languages ​​and to meet new people.

One of the first opportunities that came to me was the Erasmus studies program, which I did two years ago in the city of Coimbra, Portugal. After finishing this little adventure, I realized that I want continue expanding my horizons that I love meeting people and cultures, teaching and helping, as well as learning from others.

On the other hand, I think that the world in which we live is necessary to travel to learn, because “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page·. (St. Augustine). This is a reality both on a personal and work level and increasingly companies value it.

In this volunteering I hope to give the best of me, and learn so much from others and share everything I know. I also hope to learn Italian and improve my English level and, of course, meet as many people and cultures as possible.

Finally, I just feel very grateful to have this opportunity to know and share the world.



I’m Carla, i’m 20 years old and I’m from Spain. I like to do a lot of things all the time and spend life with my family and friends. In a future i want to do something for help the others and something important that will be remembered.